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Institute of life sciences China Association Association

Institute of life sciences consortium by the China Association for science and technology is the field of life science the Institute in accordance with the principle of the voluntary, equality and cooperation initiated the establishment, the life science and related to be voluntarily applied to join the Commonwealth. Consortium in the interference to the work under the premise, in order to better adapt to the requirements of national science and technology innovation and development of the overall, explore association of science and technology, the mode of management innovation, promote resource complementarity and common progress, to promote science popularization, academic exchanges, consulting and training, cooperative development, talent training, strengthen the life science and human health knowledge and the dissemination of culture, to make contributions to the national economic and social development in a comprehensive way.

The aim of the united body is "fair, cooperation, responsibility and development". Commonwealth to accept the supervision of the members of the association.

Joint mission is the unity of the life science, promote the prosperity and development of life science in China; to establish and perfect the sharing mechanism of academic and human resources, promote the growth of scientific and technological talents and improve, accelerate the training of young talents;

strengthen communication with government departments to promote the transfer of government functions to the society, promote the coordinated development of members of society the reinforcement learning ability to undertake the transfer of government functions; to promote the popularization and promotion of science and technology, strengthen the research with a combination of; to promote cooperation and exchanges at home and abroad, the life science community in China to enhance the overall competitiveness, to better serve the national economic construction, improve the scientific quality, and engaged in scientific research of service life.